Resources for 4-H Volunteers


When you enroll in 4-H as an adult volunteer in 4Honline, you will need to select the volunteer type for the role in which you are serving. This is necessary to comply with UW-Madison policies concerning volunteers and state liability coverage. Below are links to further explain each of the volunteer types.

Project leaders will still need to select a project and volunteer type on the project selection screen, in addition to choosing a volunteer type.

Activity/Event Volunteer
Adult Advisor/Chaperone
Club Enrollment Coordinator (formerly Club Enrollment and Club Manager)
Club Leader (includes Organizational/General and Co-Organizational/Co-General)
Committee Volunteer
Project Leader (includes Key Leaders and Resource Leaders)



Starting and leading a 4-H club can be a rewarding and challenging experience. A strong 4-H club engages youth members in the decision making, leading and carrying out events and activities. Youth and adult leaders working together is the back bone of a strong 4-H club. The following links can also assist in the process:



Iowa 4-H CloverKids 

Ohio 4-H Cloverbud



Risk management is the process used to protect assets by minimizing the potential for negative outcomes. A 4-H club, group, or planning committee should anticipate potential risks as the activity is planned and should decide ways to manage these risks. Special areas for consideration include:

  • chaperones
  • emergency procedures
  • finances
  • overnight programming
  • transportation

You may want to review items on the Risk Management Checklist to ensure you’ve taken all the necessary steps to manage risk associated with your event or activity.

Enrolled Wood County 4-H members are covered by accident insurance while participating in 4-H events and activities at the club, county, state, or national level. Contact Extension Wood County for additional information if it becomes necessary to file a claim.

Screened and enrolled Wood County 4-H adult leaders are provided secondary liability insurance by the county. Contact Extension Wood County for additional information about this insurance or if a claim needs to be filed.

Liability waivers, permission forms, and event medical consent-health history forms are available for your use in planning and conducting 4-H events and activities.

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