Market Sale Information


Megan Kundinger President 715-383-6091
Eric Brock Vice-President 715-459-1563
Jason Bernick Treasurer 715-897-0577
Lori Salzmann Secretary 715-305-1211
Mark Cournoyer Member At Large 715-305-0385

The Market Animal Sale Committee is made up of a individuals who are willing and available to assist the exhibitor and their family with answering any questions or explaining things you may not know or understand. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us. We want to help make this a very positive experience for all those involved. Good luck with your project!


 Dennis Bangart  Kris Kirk  Peggy Pankratz
 Jason Bernick  Tammy Kirk  Neal Potts
 Leah Bernick  Josh Klumb  Lori Salzmann
 Eric Brock  Dan Kundinger  Mike Schiferl
 Mark Cournoyer  Megan Kundinger  Jim Schulz
 Rod Friedrichsen  TJ Landwer  Paul Sturgis
 George Gilbertson  Ann Lindow  Bruce Thorson
 Joyce Karl  Matt Lippert  Cheryl Thorson
 Scott Karl  Bruce Pankratz  Mark Zee

Interested in becoming a Market Animal Sale Committee Member?
Attend two (2) consecutive committee meetings and show an interest in being involved and supporting the program with your time and knowledge.

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