How to Join 4-H

  • You can enroll into 4-H anytime throughout the year, however there are a few participation events that are enrollment date specific.
    • Re-enrolling members must enroll online by November 1st in order to show at the Central Wisconsin State Junior Fair or take part in county or state sponsored 4-H events. Project changes and additions can be made online until May 1st.
    • New members must enroll online by March 1st in order to show at the Central Wisconsin State Junior Fair.
  • To enroll please visit
  • This enrollment guide will help you with step by step instructions on how enroll as a first time 4-H member.

Who Can Join

  • 4-H grade is determined as of October 1st. Members are eligible to join from Kindergarten through the first year post-high school
  • Cloverbuds: Our youngest members are our Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd graders. These members enroll in the Cloverbud project, which includes a number of different areas to explore.
  • Explorers: Our 3rd grade members enroll in the Exploring project. This project allows members to still explore a number of areas without having to choose specific project. 3rd grade is a cross-over year between Cloverbuds and older 4-H members and is also the first year that members can enroll in animal projects. Explorers can enroll in up to 2 animal projects, in addition to Exploring.
  • Once members reach 4th grade, they are able to enroll in their choice of projects with no restrictions.
  • Graduation from 4-H may be following high school graduation or one year after high school graduation.


  • Wood County 4-H charges $3.00 per youth.
  • Individual clubs may have an additional enrollment fee. Contact your local club general leader for specifics.

Find a 4-H Club

  • Our club directory┬áis a great resource when choosing which club to join. It provides contact information for each of the leaders, as well as meeting information for each club. We recommend contacting the leader and attending a few meetings to find the club that best fits your family. If you have any questions, contact the Extension Wood County office at 715-421-8439 or email us.
  • You can also contact the general leader for the club you are interested in joining, and they can give you more information about their 4-H club.

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