The 2022 Central Wisconsin Farm Profitability Expo has moved to a virtual platform!

The full list of sessions, presenters and registration links is below:

    The Next Generation of Farmers and Ag Professionals; Mid-State Student Panel
    Making Covers and No-Till Successful Long-Term” – Presented by Andy Bensend, Central Wisconsin Farmer
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    Interseeding Companion Crops” – Presented by Matt and Craig Oehmichen, Shortlane Ag Supply
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  • THURSDAY, MARCH 17: 1:00PM
    Diverse Managed Grazing Operations” – Farmer Panel Discussion
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  • TUESDAY, MARCH 22: 10:00AM
    Debunking the Myths of Cost-Share Programs” – Conservation Staff Panel Discussion
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  • THURSDAY, MARCH 24: 11:00AM
    Breaking the Cycle: Transitioning from Conventional to Regenerative Agriculture” – Presented by Jason Cavadini, Marshfield Agricultural Research Station
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If you have questions about this event, please contact:

  • Ashley Borchardt, Workforce & Professional Development Coordinator  |  MSTC  |  |  715.422.5347
  • Rachael Whitehair, Natural Resource Educator  |  UW-Madison Extension, Wood County  |  |  715.421.8444

Purpose: Working to encourage profitable farming by building resiliency, diversifying farming operations, reducing inputs, and increasing farmer’s return on investment.

Best management practices like integrated pest management, managed grazing, cover crops and no-till farming are tools farmers can use to take advantage of what nature has to offer and increases self-sufficiency on the farm. A resilient operation can withstand extreme weather events, market swings and minimize financial stress.

We are an event planning committee made up of farmers, watershed group representatives, agency staff, and agricultural and natural resource specialists. The Farm Profitability Expo is a revival of the ‘Healthy Soil, Healthy Water’ events held in years past in Stevens Point. The planning committee came back together in the Winter of 2019 and added a few more partners to the table.

With 20 local partners contributing to this event, our goal is to find the best knowledge out there, bring it back home and make it applicable to farmers here in the central part of the state. We hope this ongoing event helps to address the specific barriers Central Wisconsin farmers are experiencing when it comes to adopting Best Management Practices.

Join us this Winter for conversations on what it means to farm profitability amidst today’s challenges. Engage in conversations with the farmers using the latest Best Management Practices and hear their first-hand experiences. Hear agricultural specialists share the tools and resources needed to break the cycle of conventional farming and transition to a truly resilient and profitable system.

Check out Videos from Last Year’s Virtual Learning Series via the YouTube Channel

 Last Year’s Topics Included:

  • “Planting Green” Presented by keynote speaker Rick Clark
  • “Breaking the Cycle: Climbing the Ladder of Regenerative Agriculture” Presented by Jason Cavadini, Marshfield Agricultural Research Station
  • “Grazing For Profit” Presented by Aaron Pape. Northeast WI Technical College
  • “Precision Ag & Conservation: Approaches to Turn Red Acres Green” Presented by Scott Stipetich, Pheasants Forever
  • “Leveraging Covers and No-till to Help Remain Profitable” Presented by David Trimner, Miltrim Farms
  • “Panel Discussion – First Hand Grazing Experiences & Perspectives” Presented by Peter Arnold, Jimmy Bloome, Evan Ensign, and Joseph Tomandl III, facilitated by Rachel Bouressa, Golden Sands RC&D
  • “Silvopasture: does it make sense for your farm?” Presented by Diane Mayerfeld, UW-Madison


The Farmers of Mill Creek Watershed Council is a DATCP affiliated Producer-led Watershed Group. Their purpose is:

“We are a group of farmers who have come together because we care about the soil, water and farmers. We’d like to demonstrate to the public that farmers are conservation leaders, and we care about our land and water.”

View their webpage for contact information.
Like and follow the group on Facebook to stay updated on programs and events.

What is a Producer-led Watershed Group?

The Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection (DATCP) provides funding to Producer-led groups that focus on nonpoint source pollution abatement activities through the Producer-Led Watershed Protection Grant Program (PLWPG).

Program Goal: To improve Wisconsin’s soil and water quality by supporting and advancing Producer-led conservation solutions by increasing on the ground practices and farmer participation in these efforts.

Each application must come from a group of at least 5 farm​ers in the same watershed, collaborating with conservation agencies, institutions, or nonprofit organizations. There are 31 total projects that have been funded since the program’s inception in 2016.

To learn more about the DATCP producer-led Watershed Program visit the following website.

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