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April Garden Guide

  • Start tomato seeds indoors. Research shows seven-week old transplants produce earliest fruit and best overall results.
  • Cut back over-wintered geraniums to six to eight inches.
  • Start fast-growing annual flowers indoors.
  • Start seedlings of eggplant, okra, peppers and broccoli.
  • Set out lily of the valley clumps with pips just even with the ground.
  • When annual beds can be worked, turn over green manure crop such as annual rye in beds for annuals and vegetables. If none was planted, top-dress with compost or rotted manure.
  • Remove mulch from spring flowering bulb beds.
  • Container grown or balled and bur lapped trees and shrubs can be planted at any time during the growing season.
  • Prune and fertilize all bush fruits and grapes. Fertilize fruit trees as soon as possible after ground thaws but before blossoming.
  • Plant rhubarb and asparagus as soon as ground can be worked.
  • Remove rose cones when soil thaws. Gradually remove soil mound from around rose plants.

Educational and Community Resources:

If you have any questions regarding Horticulture in Wood County, please contact:

Janell Wehr
Horticulture Coordinator
UW-Madison Division of Extension
Wood County
400 Market Street
PO Box 8095
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495-8095
Phone: 715-421-8440 (or dial 711 for Relay)
Fax: 715-421-8476
Email: janell.wehr@wisc.edu

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