Grant Writing Basics

Grant Writing Basics Virtual Workshop

Since Fall of 2022, Community Development Extension Educators from across the state have delivered statewide grant writing workshops, where a total of approximately 350 participants from nonprofits to local governments learned the basics of grant writing. Grant writing is an essential skill for building organizational and financial capacity. 

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This is a FREE virtual workshop. 

Are you a nonprofit, business, or government leader in Wisconsin in need of grant writing skills? Sign up for this informative and hands-on virtual training on grant writing. 

You will learn:

  • The outline of a common grant proposal.
  • Where to look for funding for your organization.
  • The most common grant writing mistakes.
  • And MORE!

Experienced Extension Educators will co-lead the workshop to make it informative, fun, and interactive! 

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Language interpretation available → Request interpretation by: February 9

Traducción de lenguaje disponible → Reserva su plazo virtual y pida un interprete para el viernes: 9 de febrero

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Having zero experience with grants, everything today was very helpful. The most important things I learned were a few places to look for grants and where to do research on the grantors and the opening activity to frame the planning with those four questions – the proposed program, how it relates to the organization’s mission, the capacity to carry out the program, and who will benefit from it.

-Testimonial from a 2.15.2023 participant


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