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Image of different colored heirloom tomatoes with the text: Heirloom Biographies Free Online Class

Heirloom Biographies

In this interactive online program, we will hear the backstory of some of our favorite heirloom varieties, including a local favorite, the Beaver Dam pepper. After learning the cultural and economic significance these plants have served historically, we’ll discuss the differences between the terms heirloom, hybrid, open pollinated and GMO.
Presenter: Janell Wehr, Horticulture Educator Extension Marathon County
Cost to attend this program: FREE!

Monday November 22th, 6:30-7:30PM Register Here!
Monday November 29th 11am-Noon    Register Here!

Care for Common December Gift Plants

Learn how to keep a poinsettia, Christmas cactus, Norfolk Island Pine and other favorite gift plants thriving. We’ll cover requirements including light, watering, fertilizer, and humidity. Also, learn tips for picking out Christmas trees and how to keep them in their best shape over the holiday season.
Class will be interactive in nature and held through Zoom, a web based meeting platform.
Presenter: Janell Wehr, Horticulture Educator Extension Marathon County

Monday December 6    6:30-7:30pm Register here!
Monday December 13th 11am-Noon Register Here!

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